Results: Kansas City Blues vs Palmer/Iowa City

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MATCH RECAP – KC BLUES D1 vs. Palmer & D2 vs. Iowa City 4/27/19

First of all, the Blues players would all like to give a massive thank you to distinguished gentlemen Frank Mirikitani and Ken Coleman who made the trip from Kansas City to watch the boys in action.  It means a lot to the boys on the pitch whenever fans come out to support the team in our home matches but to see those two guys make the trip for the match was absolutely incredible and the Blues want them to know that the guys on the field recognize their support and appreciate it immensely.  The Blues D1 & D2 sides trekked up to Davenport, Iowa over the weekend to close out a successful Spring '19 campaign against Palmer and Iowa City.  The theme of the day was playing through adverse conditions as both teams had to battle through hurricane gale force winds, sub-zero temperatures, and an absolute deluge of rain that seemingly spouted from somewhere parallel to the ground.  To make matters interesting, the Sir covered the match ball in Vaseline prior to the first kickoff, leading to several handling errors by both sides.  Palmer exploited gaps in the Blues' defense by offloading to support runners in lieu of taking the ball to ground, leading to several big breaks for their side.  Forward of the Match went to Afa Tapusoa who carried the ball well for the Blues.  Back of the Match went to Inside Centre Casey Cummings(c) who was a real leader for the side and kept the lads' heads up in such dismal conditions.

The D2 match was not something to be enjoyed, but rather something to be endured.  Ten minutes into the match, the conditions had deteriorated to such an extent that tribal affiliations began to form among the team members.  One tribe left the match in search of caribou, while another gathered kindling and other flammables and began to set up a fire near the Blues attacking 22.  Circumstances degenerated further in the second half when, most regrettably, a tribe comprising of both sides' front rows wrangled Blues' lock Tom Murphy and ate him with seemingly insatiable greed.  Forward of the Match went to Zach Glynn, who scored his first two tries ever and had a few excellent runs.  Back of the Match went to Ahmed Barro who didn't do a back-flip when he scored, but nevertheless had an exceptional outing.  The D1 side ended their Spring '19 season at 4-1 and the D2 side ended theirs at 3-1-1; altogether, an successful season that bodes well for the future of the club.  Additionally, I am required by law to inform you that 30 guys stayed overnight on Saturday for Kangaroo Court.  There were no survivors.

We'll be starting 7's the first week of June and will be looking to keep our run of national success going.  We have finished in the top 9 in the country in 7's for 5 of the last 6 years; including a 2nd and 3rd place finish.

Kansas City Blues D1 vs Palmer RFC Roster

1 Austin Hamm
2 Stephen Lomas
3 Ryan Scheidt
4 Kevin Schwartze
5 Jimmy Lillis
6 Afa Tapusoa
7 Danny Apgar
8 Isaiah Jones

9 John Knutsen
10 Jordan Rice
11 Kyle Harris
12 Casey Cummings
13 Blake Baty
14 Aren Martin
15 Cole Tripp

Scott McAvoy
Erik Hartley
Connor Burke
Ahmed Barro
Riaan Bam
Isaac Rothfuss
Alan bortolotti
Trevor sousley

Kansas City Blues D2 vs Iowa City Ducks RFC Roster

1 Riaan Bam
2 Scott McAvoy
3 Barry Moe
4 Trevor Sousley
5 Tom Murphy
6 Zach Glynn
7 Alan Bortlotti
8 Isaac Rothfuss

9 John Knutsen
10 Erik Hartley
11 Hayden King
12. Connor Burke
13 Hoz
14 Fabi Bortilotti
15 Ahmed Barro

Lendsey Thomson
Matthew Hoover
James Elder
Konnor Thompson
Isaiah Williams
Todd Brier
Yusef Dia