Results: Kansas City Blues vs Palmer

By November 8, 20192019 Fall Events

Results: Kansas City Blues D1vs Palmer

Blues finish the regular season 8-0 with a tough fought 31-7 win vs a tough Palmer squad.  They advance to the Midwest League Championships in Chicago on November 9th vs the Chicago Lions.

The Kansas City Blues final game of regular season was a nail bitter this weekend. The Blues went toe-to-toe with a physical Palmer side this weekend in a game filled with lots of drama and excitement. The game was back and forth for the first 20 mins as both side showed  strong defense. The Blues finally opened things up with a easy penalty kick for Michael Baska to lead 3-0. Ziggy Jones came up huge with a 70 meter intercept try shortly before half to give the Blues a 10-0 lead at half.

Palmer wasn’t out of the game though and kept running hard and playing solid defense and were even able to get 7 points on the edge after possessing the ball for multiple phases inside the Blues 22 meter line. With one more easy conversation for Baska the Blues would end the game 13-7 to go undefeated in the regular season. 

Matt Wirken and Michael Baska were dubbed Forward and Back Man of the Match respectfully. Both had great games on the defensive front and managed the pack and back line with clarity in a game that most would describe as chaotic.

Next Saturday, November 9th the Kansas City Blues will travel to Chicago to face off against the Chicago Lions in the Midwest League Championships.  The game will be played at the Chicago Blaze Rugby Facility (13011 W Smith Rd, Lemont, IL 60439) at 4:15pm.

Kansas City Blues D1 vs Palmer Roster:

1. Austin Hamm, 2. Stephen Lomas, 3. Ryan Scheidt, 4. Matt Wirken (C), 5. Kevin Schwartze, 6. Cody Weber, 7. Isaiah Jones, 8. Kurt Polson, 9. Marty Cummings, 10. Michael Baska, 11. Aren Martin, 12. Brendan Nachbar, 13. Blake Baty, 14. Ahmed Barro, 15. Connor Burke, 16. Chris Ross, 17. Jimmy Lillis, 18. Cade Lambson, 19. Danny Apgar, 20. Brandon Hayes, 21. Sean Lenihan, 22, Ryan Ellison, 23. Taylor Howden.

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Kansas City Blues D3 vs. Springfield

1. Steve Jackman 2. Benjamin Redmond 3. Trevor Sousley 4. Todd Brier 5. Kyle Richardson 6. Isaac Rothfuss 7. Konnor Thompson 8. Jay Allen 9. Josh Frazier 10. Ryan Ellison 11. Joe Mocha 12. Dash Hudson 13. Sean Lenihan 14. JT Bergner 15. Tonderai Kambarami, 16. Connor Burke, 17. Devin Argo, 18. Isaiah Williams, 19. Tyler Blyth, 20, Fabrizzio Bortolotti, 21. Tom Murphy, 22. Matt Ming, 23. Ethan Johnson

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