Results: Kansas City Blues vs Metropolis

By October 3, 20192019 Fall Events

Kansas City Blues D1 vs Metropolis

This past weekend the Kansas City Blues took on a strong Metropolis team from Minneapolis MN. The match kicked off at 2 and was full of back and fourth action from both sides. Metro started the action with a try in the and conversion to lead the Blues 0-5. Five minutes later the Austin Hamm and the pick would maul the pill in for a Blues try. Conversion by Michael Baska was good tying the gave 7 apiece. On the 17th min Metro would score another 7 but to Blues had them on their heels after the restart. Blues Flyhalf Taylor Howden put the pill high and deep in the center and the pressure from Brendan Nachbar would lead to a turnover that Ryan Schiedt would end up scoring on tying the game at 14 all.  Twenty-two minutes in Metropolis would have an attacking scrum that they were able to turn into a try in the opposite side of the field to go up 14-21. Eight minutes later Blues Wing, Aren Martin would gas the edge and scored a nice try but a blocked conversion would leave the Blues down 19-21 to end the first half. 

Blues Head Coach James Paterson made one change at halftime bring on Forward of the Match Cody “Warchild” Weber. Cody was awarded Forward of the Match for being a true game charger. Five minutes into the second half Metro had an attacking scrum on their own 5 meter line. Running a 12 crash off the scrum Cody, bounced out of the flanker position and put a crunching tackle on the Metropolis ball carrier popping the ball into the try-zone where Michael Baska would be waiting in the perfect place to dot the ball down and put another 7 on the board for the Blues, 24-21. Four minutes later, Baska would sink a penalty kick extending the Blues lead to 27-21, but Metropolis was not out of the fight. Fifty-five minutes in Metropolis would score another try putting the pressure on the Blues by taking a point lead, 27-28. An unfortunate scuffle in the sixty-fifth minute would leave the Blues playing down a man for the final 15 minutes on the game. Metropolis would score once more in the seventieth minute off a penalty kick, putting the pressure on the Blues once again at 27-31. But this Blues team has incredible determination, with Aren Martin scoring a great team try in the corner on the last play of the game! With Baska’s impressive conversion from the touch line the Blues would topple Metro 34-31 and take control of the League and place your Blues in 1st place!

Kansas City Blues D1 vs Metropolis Roster:

1. Austin Hamm, 2. Stephen Lomas, 3. Ryan Scheidt, 4. Matt Wirken, 5. Kevin Schwartze, 6. Tom Smith. 7. Danny Apgar, 8. Kurt Polson, 9. Michael Baska, 10. Taylor Howden, 11. Aren Martin, 12. Brendan Nachbar, 13. Blake Baty, 14. Ahmed Barro, 15. David McDonough, 16. Brandon Hayes, 17. Chris Ross, 18. Isaiah Jones, 19. Jimmy Lillis, 20. Cody Weber, 21. Casey Cummings, 22. Connor Burke, 23. Marty Cummings.

Kansas City Blues D3 vs Mercenaries

The follow up match vs Maryville Mercenaries (IL) was cancelled due to thunderstorms and lightning.  The D3 Squad will be back in action this Saturday, October 5th as they travel to play the Columbia Outlaws.