Results: Kansas City Blues vs St. Louis Bombers

By September 6, 20192019 Fall Events


The Kansas City Blues took on the St. Louis Bombers this weekend in two league matches. Our first side toppled the I-70 rivals 72-3 with try’s coming from Michael Baska (3), Jabaree Leopold (2), Kevin Schwartze, David McDonough (2), Brendan Nachbar (2), Danny Apgar & Isaiah Jones. The depth and talent on this team is the best we have seen in several years and as the weeks go on and the team has more time to polish up the system, they will undoubtedly be a very dangerous side. 

Forward of the Match for D1 was kiwi, Kurt Polson, who was a unit carrying the ball and brought lumba on defense putting some big hits on the Bombers. 

Back of the Match was Michael Baska who controlled the game from the back of the ruck. He was a great distributor on the field and was lethal when he decided to have a dig. 

The Blues Second side faced the Bombers second side this weekend as well in a D3 league match where they were able to top the Bombers 42-29. Ahmed Barro was an absolute terror for the Bombers as he dotted down 4 tries, one being a 100m burner off a Bombers turnover that was caused by an outstanding defensive effort from the Blues. 

Chase Higgins & Alan Bortolotti led the side defensively with physical tackles and Tom Murphy showed well on offense all day.

The second side has the week off this coming weekend and D1 will travel to Palmer for what will undoubtedly be one of the bigger tests this season. #ForTheCrest #LBO3


D1 vs. St. Louis Bombers

1. Austin Hamm
2. Stephen Lomas
3. Brandon Hayes
4. Matt Wirken
5. Kevin Schwartze
6. Tom Smith
7. Danny Apgar
8. Kurt Polson
9. Michael Baska
10. Taylor Howden
11. Alex Augspurg
12. Brendan Nachbar
13. Blake Baty
14. Jabaree Leopold
15. David McDonough
16. Ryan Russell
17. Chris Ross
18. Cade Lambson
19. Isaiah “Ziggy” Jones
20. Scott Mccavoy
21. Casey Cummings
22. Connor Burke
23. Marty Cummings

D3 vs. St. Louis Bombers

1. Steve Jackman
2. Scott McAvoy
3. Trevor Sousley
4. Caleb Baranowski
5. Todd Brier
6. Chase Higgins
7. Alan Bortolotti
8. Willie Knight
9. Joe Dagastno
10. Connor Burke
11. Fabi Bortolotti
12. Sean Lenihan
13. Ahmed Barro
14. Dairyess Collier
15. Tonderai Kambarami
Chris Ross
Barry Moe
Benjamin Redmond
Yusef Dia
Kyle Richardson
Konnor Thompson
JT Bergner
Gavin Kirk
Cedric Keith
Joe Mocca
Tom Murphy
Josh Frazier