September 16: Blues at Chicago Lions

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Results: September 16
Kansas City Blues at Chicago Lions


The Boys in Blue traveled north this past weekend to the Windy City to take on the Chicago Lions in Chicago, IL for the first time (in XV's) since the Midwest Premiership Championship in 2019.  The squad was missing some staples and contributors such as Greg Fry (personal), Aren Martin (personal), TK (injury) and Danny Apgar (injury) but was a formidable side none the less.

The contest was a fist fight of a game. The Blues scored first off a great individual effort by Kyle Renner for the try and the conversion to make it 7-0.  Chicago punched back with a try of their own minutes later, 7-7.  A penalty kick gave the blues a 10-7 led halfway through the first half.  Chicago would then score before half to take into into the break at 10-12 Chicago.


The back and forth physical punching nature of the game would bleed into the second half.  Two penalty kicks made it 10-18 Chicago before a Chicago try brought it to 10-25.  The lions would muff the kick on the next kickoff and the Blues jumped on it.  Forwards pounded into the Lions 22 and finally broke through with a classic Stephen Lomas try line run into paydirt.  That brought the score to 17-25 with just less than 20 minutes to play.  But the next Chicago score would prove to be a knockdown, and as many close fights go when the tide starts to turn at the end after the fighters have taken a beating, the blood really starts to flow.  Chicago would cap it off with another try at the death to bring the final score to 17-35.


The boys did not lay down nor did they play soft.  We put up an effort to be proud of and for that we shall.  The boys enjoyed a night out in the Windy city thereafter, but there is not much time to cry in our beer over the first loss of the season.  The division leading and ranked second in the nation STL Bombers come to town next week to once again test our metal.  We will be ready.  LBO3


Kansas City Blues D1 at Chicago Lions

1) Isikeli Fukofuka (VC). 2) Lomas, Stephen. 3) Esylad, Seif   4) jimmy Killis (C). 5) Matt Wirken   6) Blakeston Bryant. 7) Chase Higgins. 8) Jonathan Bloomfield. 9) Laveta, Tuuaga. 10) Lewis, Ty. 11) Alejandro Acchavaria. 12) Osi Nauer. 13) Ryan Ellison. 14) Daniel Tapusoa. 15) Kyle Renner. 16) Mike Lillis   17) Omar Tapia. 18) Scott McAvoy. 19) Shundell Williams. 20) Zack cohen. 21) Connor Thompson. 22) Nick Hartley.  23) Blake Baty

Scott Kram - Head Coach
Jamie Dever - Pack Coach
Darragh Leader - Backs Coach
Casey Cummings - Assistant Coach
Darlwin Nelson - Assistant Coach
Kyle Izard - Manager