October 28: Blues at St. Louis Bombers

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Results October 28
Kansas City Blues D1 vs St. Louis Bombers


The Blues found themselves in a situation that they had not been in in a long time this past weekend.  We had our playoff spot clinched with a game remaining on the schedule.  St Louis also had their top spot in the Western Conference clinched and were in the same boat.  What looked like a capstone game at the end of the schedule at the beggining of the season, now had zero playoff implications.  A situation the Kansas City Chiefs find themselves in more often that Division 1 Rugby Teams!  Meanwhile more than half the Eastern Division remained alive going into that final week.

That is not to say that the game didn't matter.  Maybe the result didn't matter, but the game surely did.  Momentum is a real thing and if we would have gone over there and laid an egg, that would have stalled that unseen but definetly felt concept of momentum.  We could not lay down, we could not afford to write it off, hell we couldn't afford injuries for that matter.  What we could do is take some liberties with the lineup however.  With the playoff spot locked up, we had the luxury of resting some starters.  Ezzy Fukofuka, Seif Esylad, Danny Apgar and Jimmy Lillis all took a spot on sideline to start the match.  This also gives time to players who have been working all year for some well deserved game time.  Blakeston Bryant, who has been our physical supersub off the bench all year was rewarded with a starting spot along with young Omar Tapia and longtime Blue Scott McAvoy.


We started off with a bang, newcomer Wayden Mosinkie provided a spark that St Louis was not ready for.  In the first 20 minutes he hit a chip and chase over the top of the STL defensive line that he finished off for a try and then also hit Wing Sam Chapman for a very dynamic try in the corner.  We were in the lead at 14-12 for most of the first half.  St Louis did do their thing and the score ended up at 14-38, but the damage was done.  We came out, we hit them in the mouth.  Like we said, the result didnt matter only how it felt.  And it felt pretty dang good.  Strike a little fear into the heart of St Louis for a possible rematch in the Final, get out of thier with no injuries, go watch the RWC final and get the hell back to Kansas City. Check, Check and Check.


Kansas City Blues D2 vs Arkansas Gryphons

The D2 team traveled to NW Arkansas to take on past Blue Chris Ross and Arkansas Gryphons.  Pouring rain and wind chill made for nasty conditions.  The Gryphons put it on us fast and steady.  We had big performances in the middle of the field from Onoasi Pule and the forwards, but weren't able to make i into paydirt.  Final score of 0-34.  Like we have talked about in the past, D2 contains lessons to be learned and the Gryphons just taught us another one.  Onward and Upward.

This weekend we have another double feature.  The D1 travels across 70 Highway to Cincinnati for the Midwest Premiership Semi Final.  The D2 team will host the Wichita Barbarians in our final D2 league match of the season.  Big Big weekend for the club.

As we mourn here at home over the passing of Chuck McKeon, Longtime Blues player, coach, booster, supporter, any other word you can think of for someone that contributes to a club such as ours, the top side will look to give our community something to cheer about, while the D2 will do the same here in Kansas City.  These are the time to come together.  #LB03


Kansas City Blues D1 at St. Louis Bombers

1) Jay Estes 2) Chris McBride 3) Andrew Ness 4) Louis Armstrong 5) Onesi Pule 6) Joe Dao 7) Tom Murphy 8) Konnor Thompson (C) 9) Luke Christensen 10) Gavin Kirk 11) Tommy Eads 12) Mona Faitau 13) Cameron Kirkland 14) JT Bergner 15) Ahmed Barro 16) Charles Donnici 17) Juwan Peace 18) Wyatt Hensley 19) Miguel Maceo 20) Jon Khalil 21) Gabe Caldas 22) Jordan Gali 23) Josh Watson

Kansas City Blues D2 at Arkansas Gryphons

1) Omar Tapia 2) Stephen Lomas 3) Scott McAvoy 4) Jonathan Bloomfield 5) Matt Wirken 6) Chase Higgins 7) Blakeston Bryant 8) Tonderai Kambarami 9) Lavea, Tuuaga 10) Wayden Mosinkie 11) Kyle Renner 12) Greg Fry (C) 13) Aren Martin 14) Osi Nauer 15) Sam Chapman 16) Esylad, Seif 17) Isikeli Fukofuka 18) Danny Apgar 19) Jimmy Lillis 20) Zach Cohen 21) Ryan Ellison 22) Nick Hartley 23) Daniel Tapusoa

Scott Kram - Head Coach
Jamie Dever - Pack Coach
Darragh Leader - Backs Coach
Casey Cummings - Assistant Coach
Darlwin Nelson - Assistant Coach
Kyle Izard - Manager