Results: Kansas City Blues vs Palmer

By September 14, 20192019 Fall Events

Kansas City Blues vs Palmer. Saturday September 26th, Davenport, IA

The Blues showed some real fortitude on the road today and managed to bring home a huge 33-26 bonus point victory. After 73 minutes of back & forth rugby, Jabaree Leopold dotted down a try and Michael Baska converted to take the lead 33-26. The game ended with more hard fought sequences and the Blues were able to close it out and move to 2-0 on the season! Next week the boys will head on the road to Milwaukee in search of another road win.

Tries from Jimmy Lillis, Ryan Schiedt, Ryan Russell, Tom Smith & Jabaree Leopold. #ForTheCrest

Kansas City Blues vs Palmer Roster:

1. Ryan Scheidt
2. Ryan Russel
3. Brandon Hayes
4. Matt Wirken
5. Tom Smith
6. Jimmy lillis
7. Danny Apgar
8. Kurt Polson

9. Michael Baska
10. Taylor Howden
11. Dalton Humphrey
12. Brendan Nachbar
13. Blake Baty
14. Jabaree Leopold
15. David McDonough

16. Stephen lomas
17. Austin Hamm
18. Cade Lambson
19. Isaiah Jones
20. Cody Weber
21. Sean lenihan
22. Connor Burke
23. Ahmed Barro