Results: Kansas City Blues vs Metropolis

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NOTICE: Updated Game Times and Fields

The remaining Fall schedule is as follows.

10/26/19 D1 vs Milwaukee, Swope Park Soccer Village Field #2, 4:30pm
10/26/19 D3 Sunday Morning Rugby, Swope Park Soccer Village Field #2, 2:30pm
11/02/19 D1 vs Palmer, Swope Park Soccer Village Field #2, 1:30pm
11/02/19 D3 Springfield 3, Swope Park Soccer Village - Field #2, 11:30am

Results: Kansas City Blues D1 at Metropolis

Blues lead the league at 6-0 with a tough fought 22-14 win on the road  vs multi-year league champs Metropolis.

The Kansas City Blues traveled to Minneapolis, MN this weekend to take on the Metropolis Rugby Football Club. With the KC Blues in first place and Metro in second, this game was a must-win to remain atop the podium of the Midwest Rugby Premiership. Because of the schedule mix up, the Blues were short-handed and traveled with 19 guys...some of which were getting their first start at D1 or first shot at a new position! 

The Blues stepped up to the plate and came out swinging - five minutes in, off a pass from scrum half Michael Baska, lock Matt Wirken (C) rumbled through futile Metropolis tackles to score the Blues first try. Metropolis wasn’t going down without and fight and tied the game 7 to 7 at the twentieth minute. Thanks to another hard running line, Flanker Cody “War Child” Weber, dotted down the Blues second, and a missed conversion would leave the lead 12 to 7 at half. 

The Blues sealed the deal in the second half with some great goalline stands, positive running lines, and ball possession. Connor Burke continued to put the pressure on Metropolis with a try in the 55th minute. Fly half Taylor Howden passed to Burke who was on an island by the touch line with the Metropolis winger, Burke stepped and bumped the wing and was able to get space to dot the try. With Baska’s conversation the Blues were now up 19-7. Metropolis wasn’t done though and was able to score another 7 to move the score to 19-14 with 20 minutes left in the game. Baska notched another 3 for the Blues in the 67th minute where the score would eventually stay, 22-14 Blues. 

Forward of the Match goes to Matt Wirken (C) for carrying the ball and punishing the defense behind the gain line all game. Matt’s leadership was a major key to this lineup since there were new faces in the mix for the first XV. Back of the Match goes to Connor Burke. This was Burke’s first start for the D1 side and he didn’t take it for granted. He carried the ball with authority and punished the Metropolis backs when they tried to tackle him and laid the wood on defense.

Kansas City Blues D1 vs Metropolis Roster:

1. Austin Hamm, 2. Stephen Lomas, 3. Scott McAvoy, 4. Matt Wirken (C), 5. Kevin Schwartze, 6. Cody Weber, 7. Danny Apgar, 8. Kurt Polson, 9. Michael Baska, 10. Taylor Howden, 11. Connor Burke, 12. Brendan Nachbar, 13. Blake Baty, 14. Ahmed Barro, 15. Casey Cummings, 16. Chris Ross, 17. Jimmy Lillis, 18. Cade Lambson, 19. Isaiah Jones, 20. Zack Stryffeler

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Kansas City Blues D3 vs. St. Louis Hornets

Week 6 of the Kansas City Blues season put the D3 side against a formidable St. Louis Hornets squad, who came prepared for the bout. The sun was shining and weather was cooperative as the teams took the pitch for the 1 pm kickoff on the brand new fields at Forest Park. It would be Tom Murphy of the Blues to strike first, giving them a 5-0 advantage. The lead wouldn’t last long as the Hornets mounted 3 scoring drives in a row, taking control 19-5 by halftime. 

After a mid-game talk from coaches and team leaders, the Blues came back looking much more promising. Tackles improved, running lines tightened, and their system drastically improved, leading to tries by Alan Bortolotti and Sean Lenihan. Unfortunately, out-scoring the Hornets 12 points to 5, was not enough to come away with the win. Final score, Hornets top the Kansas City Blues second side, 24 points to 17.

Blues D3 vs St. Louis Hornets Roster:

1. Isaiah Williams, 2. Benjamin Redmond, 3. Trevor Sousley, 4. Konnor Thompson, 5. Tom Murphy, 6. Alan Bortolotti, 7. Chase Higgins, 8. Isaac Rothfuss, 9. Josh Frazier, 10. Sean Lenihan, 11. Joe Mocha, 12. Dairyess Collier, 13. Gavin Kirk, 14. Jt Bergner, 15. Fabrizzio Bortolotti, 16. Ethan Johnson, 17. Steve Jackman, 18. Kyle Richardson, 19. Todd Brier, 20. Yusef Dia, 21. Devin Argo

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